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VIP Copywriting Essentials Day

Get all of the copywriting deliverables you need to kickstart your startup, web3 community, NFT project, or personal brand

-- all within 24 hours.

Copy included in this package: 

✅ Foundational Brand and Content Documents (Mission, Vision, About Us, Manifesto, Founder's Story)

✅ Foundational Brand Voice Guidelines

✅ A Bonus Copy Deliverable of Your Choice (i.e. landing page, thought leadership piece, or other item up to 1,000 words)

Book now, I only offer four spots per month for this copywriting package.


24 Hour VIP Copywriting Essentials Day: What You Get


We'll begin the day with a kickoff call to assess your project needs. From there, I'll tailor the foundational copy to exactly what your startup or project needs. All projects will contain a variation of brand story, foundational copy, founder story, and one custom deliverable up to 800 words. 


Your foundational copy is a forever brand item: it's a document you can use as the starting point for every other piece of marketing collateral. From press releases to homepages, the copy I will write for you will cement a strong brand story and an unforgettable tone and voice that speaks to your ideal audience. 


You'll receive all of your copywriting deliverables within 24 hours. From there, you'll have 1-2 business days to review and request any edits or tailoring of the copy to best fit your vision of the future. 

Artboard 16 copy 5_4x.png
Artboard 16 copy 5_4x.png


If you confuse, you lose. Let me help you win by generating copy that speaks to your ideal audience and does the heavy lifting for you. 

As a veteran copywriter and former TV writer, I know how to communicate your unique vision to the world -- in style.

Don't take it from me. Just ask my clients. 

They're founders who have achieved success by investing in the story that matters most: the story of what they're building.

✨ "Extremely talented individual. Do you have an idea? Amy will make your idea, brand, and marketing come to life. She is the ultimate swiss army knife. Amy can do it all. On top of that, her work ethic and personality are unparalleled. Thank you, Amy!"

-$22,000 Project

✨ "Hire Amy.. Whatever copy materials that you are looking for, Amy will get it done at the highest caliber of quality... I can tell that Amy prides herself on being the best in the business even if she would prefer to humble herself and say she's only ONE of the best. But no, She IS the best!”

-$15,00 Project

✨ "If you are lucky enough to get a chance to work with Amy, grab it! She is a pleasure to work with, and quickly steered me in the right direction..She delivered everything ahead of schedule... I decided to pay 4 times what I had been planning to pay, and it was a very wise decision!"

-$14,500 Project

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