What to Expect from Your First Private Yoga Class: Yoga for Writers & Creatives

In my private yoga classes, I'm here to help you with whatever your goals are for the practice. That could be a physical goal like reducing back and wrist pain, or a mental goal like reducing stress and sparking creativity. When you start a private yoga class, your teacher will ask you about your experience, any injuries or conditions, and what you're looking to get out of the practice. Then, you'll be guided through sequences based on your needs.

Private classes are a chance for you to work on your alignment and receive hands-on adjustments and different props in order to get more out of a pose.

Yoga teachers, like personal trainers, can help you create a specialized yoga routine just for you. Tight shoulders and hips? We'll help you target those areas in an intuitive way based on what we've observed from your range of motion. Looking to gain strength or get energized? We'll find heating postures and sequences to create that heat. Want to feel grounded, calm, and de-stressed? There are prop arrangements and simple poses we can use to help you get gentle, opening stretches that help you feel grounded and calm.

I'm a fan of utilizing soundscapes in my private classes. I love leading meditations to the sound of rain or the ocean and finding visualization exercises that reinforce the creative problems you're struggling with.

I love props -- from bolsters, blocks, straps, and sandbags, I find these tools help to provide more comfort and safer approaches to the postures.

In private classes, I'm also able to offer a lot more specialized writing and creativity exercises. I find that meditating on prompts or areas in which you feel frustrated can help untangle story problems throughout the course of class, and I have different exercises like meditation and short writing prompts to help with that.

Every teacher is different. You can always go to your teacher's group classes first to get a sense of their teaching style, or dive right in and see if it's the right fit.

If you want to book a private session with me, check out my bookings page or contact me! If you're an assistant working in Hollywood, your first session is free and there's a reduced rate after that.