Kingdom of Pavement began as a live events company, hosting sold-out open mic nights and secret shows in Los Angeles. When the pandemic hit, Pavement pivoted to producing scripted podcasts. Kingdom of Pavement podcasts have been featured in publications like Vulture and festivals like LALIFF. Currently, Kingdom of Pavement is in pre-production for its newest podcast The Horror at Martin's Beach, a Lovecraft adaptation.




Kingdom of Pavement when through several iterations before finally settling on the perfect design that appealed to the ideal audience of rebellious artists. The full brand identity refresh included a visual design overhaul along with a brand story retooling and new content marketing strategy. 

VISUAL DESIGN OVERHAUL (web, social, logo, newsletter)

We worked with designer Elena Sanchez to create a full refresh on Pavement's visual identity. We hired a logo designer to create the neon upside-down crown logo that visualizes the rebellious spirit of our target audience. We also did a full website re-design, including a suite of new social media templates.


A part of Pavement's revamp included a full systems audit of how the internal creative team of different freelancers worked to achieve and accomplish projects. This created a new suite of documentation, workflows, and approach to the creative process.

Artboard 16 copy 5_4x.png


Prior to the rebranding of the company, Kingdom of Pavement had an out-of-date website that did not encapsulate the brand. After the rebrand, Pavement's new digital presence helped to create a new level of listenership that rocketed Pavement podcasts to the top of charts in over 50 countries, and one of Pavement's newest podcasts stayed on the top charts for over 8 months straight.

Kingdom of Pavement is preparing for its newest podcast to launch in 2022, while wrapping up current productions and continuing to grow its listenership.