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Drip or Drown NFT Project:
Narrative Storyline

The Drip or Drown NFT team came to me with an awesome idea for their collection. They had a storyline that they needed fleshing out, and they needed to speak to their community in a way that sparked excitement and built major FOMO around the web. 

I helped them do so -- and what followed was a sold-out mint and a successful project with a creative footprint on the Internet.




When it comes to great stories, it's not just about sharing some nuggets on the Internet: it's about building hype through can't-miss chapters. That's where Sutoscience, Inc. comes in: we help you shape your story and amp up the popcorn-value to keep your audience hooked, and to get early adapters to buy into your project.


The final deliverables for this project included a 10-part lore to be posted on their website and Discord channels. These 10 chapters covered an expansive storyline following warring factions of dolphins in Atlantis. Storyline chapters revolved around different dolphins with different traits, integrating them into the story.

Artboard 16 copy 5_4x.png


The NFT market continues to grow and expand in new ways, but stories last forever. 

We're thrilled to be able to support projects like Drip or Drown that not only deliver a fun experience for their community, but also because of their mission and percentage donated to ocean preservation funds. 

But an NFT, save the planet? Yes please.

Are you building in web3? If so, I'd love to help you with your copywriting deliverables. I write both creative narratives as well as technical copy! 

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