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Stunning Storytelling + Clever Copywriting

Your audience doesn't care about you -- at least, not yet.

That's why you have to talk in a way that will make them listen. 

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Top-Rated Freelance Copywriter and Award-Winning Writer/Producer Amy Suto

Hey, there! My name is Amy Suto and I'm an empire builder: I believe that the pen is only mightier than the sword if you know how to wield it.

I'm both a technical copywriter and creative storyteller: your new secret weapon 😎

Most copywriters don't have the acumen to write laser-sharp copy that turns clicks into community. Or, they're not familiar with emerging technology and don't have the research help to keep up with the constantly-changing world of web3 and startups across multiple industries.

I'm the exception: my background as a TV writer has helped me cross-train as a creative storyteller, and my years of working as a copywriter for hundreds of companies has helped me hone my craft across a broad range of projects.

My words have helped me build a huge online following: I have tens of thousands of followers across my platforms and my blog I'm constantly experimenting and leveling up my skills in my own world, and I apply my learnings to supercharge the copy I write for you.

I'm not an agency: my team of researchers, writers, and proofreaders help me behind-the-scenes with my deliverables, but I work with you directly. My clients either hire me for a specific package, or I become embedded in their team and their process. 

Are you ready to tap into the power of the written word? 

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How I Help My Clients Win


I've written for startups that have crossed the billion dollar valuation mark as well as startups fresh out of YC or other top accelerators. I've seen firsthand how great copy can catapult great ideas -- and exceptional founders! -- into the stratosphere.


I've seen firsthand how the power of story can transform: my background as a Hollywood TV writer gave me the skills to capture audiences from script to screen. Now, I leverage my storytelling skills to help web3 projects smash through expectations and speak to audiences in the universal language of a great story.


Unlike other copywriters, I work with my small team of writers, researchers, and proofreaders to ensure every deliverable is thoughtful, beautiful, and error-free. I'm not an agency: just a well-organized freelancer 🙂 Every word is cared for on the highest level by myself and my team before it reaches your red pen for review.

Copywriting + Content Writing Packages

enquire below for custom packages

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Get high-quality copywriting and/or content writing on a regular basis, and become my priority client! 
Retainer clients enjoy priority placement on my writing schedule, and a 10% discount on my hourly rate of $350/hr.

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Monthly Blog Writing/Ghostwriting
Thought Leadership Ghostwriting
Explainer Video Script Writing
TikTok Video Script Writing
Twitter Thread Ghostwriting
Email Sequence Copy
Press Releases
Landing Page Copywriting
Pitch Deck Copywriting
Whitepaper/Lightpaper Writing

Happy Clients

"Hire Amy... that's all that needs to be said. Whatever copy materials that you are looking for, Amy will get it done at the highest caliber of quality. She is excellent with her communication, thorough research and she really knows how to nail exactly what you're looking for. My only advice is to provide her with as much detail as you possibly can and it'll produce the best results. I can tell that Amy prides herself on being the best in the business even if she would prefer to humble herself and say she's only ONE of the best. But no, She IS the best!”

-$15,000 project

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Work With Us


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Ideas and Articles

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looking forward to hearing from you!

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