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Case Study: PlayEstates Copywriting

The PlayEstates founder came to me to help generate dozens of pages worth of copy for their initial concept, website, and "lightpaper" hosted on GitBook. 

I worked with the team from start to finish to test different messaging, adjust the copy based on new revelations as they were building, and develop a compelling landing page and informational copy to help explain all the technical mechanics of their project.

So far, their project is off to a roaring start, with an active Twitter and Discord and a Genesis mint on the horizon.

Screen Shot 2022-05-12 at 5.01.23 PM.png



I began this five-month project by generating story docs and other branding and copy essentials for the founder and the team as they cycled through ideas of how  to brand this platform before we landed on the perfect messaging.


I worked closely with the team's landing page designer to create all the copy for their landing page, which you can see here. I built this messaging off of their internal team documentation, the direction of the project I had developed with them, and their goals for this landing page and necessary CTA's. 


When it comes to trends in the web3 world, new projects are developing "light papers"  instead of more traditional whitepapers that are more consumer/early-adopter friendly documentation that are skimmable and easier to read.

We hosted the lightpaper on GitBook, and I wrote all of the copy, building off team internal documents and previous discussions. As the project evolved, so did this lightpaper, and I helped shape and re-shape the document based on changing project specs. 

You can read the lightpaper here. 

Artboard 16 copy 5_4x.png


The copy I developed for PlayEstates has helped them spread the word, engaging a vibrant social media presence as they gear up for their Genesis launch.

I look forward to continuing to assist this team as a copywriter as the platform grows!

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