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Stories power the world. As a Hollywood writer and owner of my own creative media company Kingdom of Pavement, I've built my career through telling stories of all kinds. You can read more about my experience at my blog,

I've also traveled the world, ghostwriting memoirs for fascinating people who didn't want their legacy forgotten. I've helped my clients inspire others with their stories, and in my freelancing work I've ghostwritten memoirs, nonfiction books, immersive theater events, and other elevated works of art in the written form for a diverse array of Silicon Valley tech companies, former Olympian athletes, and other individuals who want to move mountains and rewrite their world.

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kaboompics_Book, fairy lights

kaboompics_Book, fairy lights

kaboompics_A Trip to Venice, Italy

kaboompics_A Trip to Venice, Italy



My Process for Memoir Ghostwriting

As a memoir ghostwriter, I work with inspiring individuals all over the world who want to leave their legacy in ink. 

I've designed my memoir ghostwriting process around the art of engaging an audience and the science of great storytelling. For each client, I design a custom process to bring your story to life on the page. 

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Writing + Coaching Services

The art of storytelling can be infused in many different mediums. Here are some of the writing services I offer: 


Memoir/Autobiography Writing

Manuscript Developmental Editing


Writing Coaching

Creative Consulting

Scripted Podcast Writing

Immersive Theater + Interactive Video Writing

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happy clients

"Amy is an amazing writer, editor, and social media expert. She was able to capture what I was thinking onto the page seamlessly. It was an honor having her ghostwrite my memoir. She's the sweetest and very best!"


"Amy is a very good writer. She communicates very well and gave very good insights onto making improvements in the reasoning and flow of the mini-book project I had for her. I will definitely use her for my next writing projects."


"Amy was an excellent ghost writer for our project. She was fun to work with, creative, knowledgeable and was clear on the tools she needed from us to complete the work."


"Amy goes above and beyond, we had excellent communication and she was really easy and great to work with! Will come back to do another project. Thank you for all your work!"


I tell my stories across many mediums. Below are places you can find more of my work:

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Here are some of my blog posts that detail more about my process and philosophies when it comes to memoir ghostwriting and my approach to writing and freelancing: