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Personal Brand Refresh

At the beginning of 2021, I decided to do a full brand refresh for all of my personal branding materials, starting with my website and blog Using the same approach I use with my clients, I redid all of my website copy, changed my visual identity, and highlighted different parts of my personal story to underline my journey as a writer and creative to attract the amazing clients and collaborators I work with today.




While design played a key role in the refresh of my website, I needed to overhaul all of the copy to reflect a more sophisticated, minimal approach to sharing my knowledge and experience. 


I created a storytelling-focused newsletter that quickly tripled in subscribers after I honed my voice and offerings. I write all of my newsletter content and publish it on a bi-weekly basis. I was named a winner in ConvertKit's newsletter challenge for my subscriber growth and awarded a cash prize. 


I successfully leveraged my SEO knowledge to get on the first page of Google for my target keywords related to the clients I wanted to reach. My website is highly ranked because of the way I use authenticity and strategy to resonate with readers.

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I went from charging $90/hour to over $350/hour as a freelancer. I work with the best of the best clients, and only take on projects I find great potential in.

Reshaping your personal brand doesn't have to be daunting: work with me and let's attract the opportunities you want the most. 

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