Hi, I'm Amy.

Let's unlock the science of creative storytelling 


I'm a writer. I write stuff, mainly dramatic hour-long television and novels.

But I also wanted to create a community out here in Los Angeles of artists and writers based in mindfulness and creativity to prevent burnout and make this city feel a little smaller.


I teach yoga classes for Los Angeles creatives (open to anyone!) and will be continuing to create spaces and events geared toward creative healing and expression. I also co-founded the publication Kingdom of Pavement, and we profile and put on events in Los Angeles for rising creatives.

I hope you'll join me on this journey of creative experimentation so that we can continue to unlock our artistic potential together.

-Amy Suto

Yoga for writers and creatives: WEEKLY Schedule

Hi there!

~~New changes~~ are coming to my public classes in my weekly schedule! I'm going to be focusing more on workshops and partnering with other wellness artists like aromatherapists to put on some really unique events!

I'll still be teaching my weekly Gold's Gym and Bright Star classes, and if you'd like to partner with me for an event, let me know! Be sure to follow me on Instagram and on my newsletter below to stay in touch :) 

Gold's Gym DTLA

735 S Figueroa St #100, Los Angeles, CA 90017


For Gold's Gym members, I teach a power vinyasa flow Thursday mornings in DTLA.

Contact me for private class offerings for you or your organization!

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